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Hotel Carlos V blog

The romantic season in Toledo

For many the times around Christmas hold a special significance, it´s time to be spent with the family and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Others choose more and more to travel abroad with that special person, their loved one, and spend a quiet festive season trying new food and visiting a new place.

By train through Toledo

Toledo is a beautiful city, full of history, art and wonderful buildings, and now you can enjoy it with your children by train! The Zocotrain is a smaill train that runs around the streets of Toledo, making the delights of the little ones who love trains, and also showing them around this wonderful city. Trains depart every 50 minutes approximately. The price for the ride is 4.25 Euros for adults and children only pay 1,85 Euros. At night you can travel for 3,75 Euros, and there are special prices for groups.

The swords of Toledo

Toledo is a little town famous for many things, its history for once, but also its local traditional crafts, its Cathedral, its mosques and synagogues and of course its wonderful atmosphere and the friendliness of its people. However, it is maybe a particular part of the traditional crafts that attracts many curious and visitors to this town. Toledo is famous across Spain for the quality of its swords, el acero de Toledo, Toledo's steel. It was very appreciated in the Middle Ages, when possessing a good sword was a very important status symbol for knights and gentlemen.