The swords of Toledo

Toledo is a little town famous for many things, its history for once, but also its local traditional crafts, its Cathedral, its mosques and synagogues and of course its wonderful atmosphere and the friendliness of its people.

However, it is maybe a particular part of the traditional crafts that attracts many curious and visitors to this town. Toledo is famous across Spain for the quality of its swords, el acero de Toledo,

Toledo's steel. It was very appreciated in the Middle Ages, when possessing a good sword was a very important status symbol for knights and gentlemen.

Nowadays, swords are not something bought for war or duels, but they are still an attractive possession for those who enjoy collecting. In Toledo you will find many shops in the centre that sell ornamental swords as well as knives for cooking and home use. Toledo's steel is still one of the more appreciated in Spain.

You can also have the chance to see yourself how these swords are made. Mariano Zamorano is a local sword maker's that is situated right in the centre of Toledo, in Calle Ciudad, 19. In this workshop you will be able to see the traditional process followed to produce the best swords in Spain.

You can ask for directions to Calle Ciudad, 19 at the reception desk in Hotel Carlos V.