El Greco Museum

It was already there before the anniversary of the fourth centenary of the death of Doménikos Theotokópoulos, better known as El Greco (he was of Greek origin), with a content that is fundamental to get to know more about the figure of this artist. Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the El Greco Museum, located on Paseo del Tránsito, is the only one in Spain that is fully dedicated to the study and diffusion of the works of this artist as well as the influence that his work had in Toledo’s identity in the early 17th century.

The museum exhibits a selection of representative works of El Greco’s style but also elements that allow to discover how life was in Toledo during his time, the so-called Siglo de Oro (Golden Century). Among them, you can see El Apostolado, San Bernardino, loaned by the Prado Museum, or Vista y Plano de Toledo. All of this in an exclusive setting because the museum, inaugurated in 1911 as a house-museum, is built in an old house from the 6th century, in the Jewish district, very close from where this artist born in Crete used to live, albeit not in the exact place. That is why the house where he lived was devastated by a fire.

As well as the permanent collection, the visitor will find the exhibition El Greco and philately until September 27th, with 21 stamps that, since 1955, the Royal Mint of Spain has created as a tribute to the artist. The last one is from this year and for the first time a legal stamp has been made out of gold, with a motif from his famous painting Vista y plano de Toledo.

Another temporary exhibition, with permission from El Greco, is the one dedicated to Tintoretto that the museum is hosting until October 5th. Also considered a mannerist artist, his influence was noticeable in El Greco so you can see it from another artistic perspective by contemplating his paintings. General ticket price: 3 euros.

2014 has so far been a great year of El Greco in Toledo. You still have time to come for the events of this anniversary that has been a tribute from the city to the artist that is most associated to it. At

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