A walk through the most ecological side of Toledo

The city of three cultures is much more than just its historical and cultural legacy that it treasures behind its walls, on a hill 100 metres above the Tajo river. That height is what gives it its name, whose meaning in Latin means “lifted up high”. This particular orography, with the river bathing its outskirts, generates spaces with a huge environmental attraction such as the Ecological Trail of Toledo (Senda Ecológica de Toledo), which is 3 miles long.

The route is a pedestrian trail with concrete and dirt areas that surrounds the city and that allows the visitor to admire it from the outside as well as the Alcántara and San Martín bridges, the starting and ending points of this trail for runners. Its slope does not present any difficulties, making it ideal for runners but also for families and children who wish to do the trail by foot.

Throughout the trail, fully inserted in the Don Quijote route, you can enjoy the local wildlife and the different herons, egrets, coots, bitterns and common gallinules. In other words, more than 70 bird species that enrich a landscape with trees along both riverbanks, some of them recently planted thanks to an initiative by the City Council (180 of the hackberry variety).

To top off the walk, in a relaxing family atmosphere, the Barca de Pasaje is a great idea for a boat ride on the river, also an opportunity to feed the geese that are present there. Located in the Cornisa district, it offers views of the Torre del Hierro, probably Toledo’s shortest construction. If you still want more green, the Tres Culturas Park is a magnificent option. Inaugurated in 1995, it is the largest green area in the whole city, ideal for a walk around Toledo’s green side.

This is an alternative option to Toledo’s monumental sightseeing tour that will delight all of those who wish to stay at Hotel Carlos V for a whole weekend. Ideal for an afternoon of peace and quiet or a romantic stroll.