Travel to magical Spain

To introduce yourself to esoteric Spain, you do not have to read the never-ending Gargoris and Habidis by Fernando Sánchez Dragó. All you have to do is come to the Museum of Magical Spain (Museo de la España Mágica) in Toledo and, for just 2 euros, you can access a “fantastic voyage to the sacred and profane”, with the added plus of its location: an Islamic cave from the 10th century.

But as well as the museum although still associated to it, there is special interest in the nighttime walks around Magical and Heterodox Toledo, for which you need to visit the website in advance since they offer a different one every day. This way, the tourist can opt for routes always at night (from 8.30pm) such as Legends and Mysteries of Hidden Toledo, which includes a visit to the Museum of Magical Spain and its famous Islamic cave for just 12 euros per person.

Commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of El Greco, they also offer a route that is based on him and that has been elaborated especially for the occasion. Focusing on the Dracos of El Greco, a series of oneiric paintings, different interpretations of these mysterious paintings are made from a study loaned by art expert Fernando Barredo de Valenzuela. The approximate duration is of 90 minutes and it takes place every Friday and Saturday at 7pm, both for individuals and groups, costing 13 euros per person.