The best viewpoints of Toledo

Many travellers who come to Hotel Carlos V have sometimes told us that “if you go to Toledo and don’t go to one of its vantage points, it is like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower”. It is very true, since the vantage points of Toledo offer us a general perspective of a city that invites us to value its monumental legacy and dream about its thousand-year-old past.

However, our city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its unique integration with the landscape, its geographical setting and its peculiar location around the Tagus river. Today, we tell you about the 9 vantage points with the best views of Toledo.

1) Mirador del Valle

If you want to take a panoramic photo of Toledo, you have to visit Mirador del Valle, from where any photograph looks like a postcard: from this privileged point at the top of the valley you can look down on the monuments of the city, with the Tagus meandering around them.

Getting there from our hotel is very easy: just five minutes away, on Plaza de Zocodover, you can take a tourist train that stops to admire the views. The best time? Sunset.

2) Cerro de la Virgen de Gracia

If the previous vantage point offers views of the Cathedral, from this little square located in the Jewish district you can admire the dome and the tips of San Juan de los Reyes, as well as the houses on the banks of the Tagus, which quietly flows away from the city.

We can get there with a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel. The best time to visit it is at night on the weekends, since the monastery lights up offering a beautiful view that you have to immortalise.

3) Mirador de la Puerta del Sol

One of the classic views of the city, it offers a panoramic view of the old town and of its surroundings. The Cathedral tower and the typical roofs of the houses of Toledo are what stand out when visiting this point.

4) Church of San Ildefonso

This Baroque temple is located in the city’s Old Town and in one of the highest points, so the views from its tower of the Cathedral and the Alcazar are truly exceptional.

5) Mirador del Castillo de San Servando

Above the river Tagus you can find this emblematic medieval castle that offers us beautiful views of the Old Town of Toledo, with the Alcazar as the main protagonist and the Alcántara Bridge in the background.

6) Walls of Paseo del Carmen

If you want to admire the aforementioned castle, the best point to do so are the walls of Paseo del Carmen. Also from here you can see the Alcántara Bridge and the Tavera Hospital outside the city walls.

7) Mirador del Palacio de Fuensalida

Located on Plaza del Conde, the vantage point is not in the palace itself, as its name might lead you to believe, but rather right in front. From here you can contemplate the whole Jewish district, with its narrow streets filled with shops and local crafts.

8) Mirador de Santa Ana

Another perspective of Toledo, from where you can see Paseo del Tránsito and Roca Tarpeya, famous remains from the Roman times due to the legend that bears the same name.

9) Corralillo de San Miguel

Located near the Alcazar, offering views of monuments such as the Acadermia de Infantería or the Castle of San Servando, as well as the riverbed of the Tagus and the valley.