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Toledo romántico

By | 18 November, 2011 | 0 comments

One shouldn’t really understand one without the other, romantic and Toledo do, really, go hand in hand. Toledo is a little town, more like a city, as it has a Cathedral, situated in the middle of the Spanish region of Castile. This region with its castles, its never ending extensions of dry but at the same time beautiful lands has been the inspiration for innumerable stories, poems and novels.

Toledo itself is  the living proof of the magnificent past of this region. The city of the three cultures it is called sometimes, because in its magnificent past, Toledo was home to three different cultures that have left their mark on the stone of the buildings.

Muslims, Jews and Christians shared the city, and silent witnesses to this past are the several mosques, sinagogue and the Cathedral that stand in Toledo; like the Sinagoga del Tránsito or Sinagoga de Santa María la Blanca, or the Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz.

Walking down the streets around the Cathedral or throughout the narrow lanes full of little shops selling local crafts, like knives, swords, gold plated ornaments and many other charming items can be just as romantic as sitting down in one of the cafés in front of the Cathedral to drink a coffee and just enjoy watching the daily life in Toledo.

In Toledo you will breath romanticism and Hotel Carlos V will enhance this feeling with its wonderful decor and outstanding customer service.

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