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Detrás de los pasos de Don Quijote

By | 14 November, 2011 | 0 comments

Don Quijote or Don Quixote was a, or rather is as it is very much alive in the imagination of so many thousands of Literature lovers, fictional character created by the superb mind of the Spanish Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, internationally known as Cervantes. In Cervantes’ novel Don Quijote travels across Spain and mostly Castilia. Most of the places he visited throughout this adventure are real, and can be visited nowadays.

One of the many routes of Don Quijote starts in Toledo. Just outside Toledo, on its fields, visitors will have the chance to see those famous Castilian wind mills (Molinos de Viento) that appear so many times in the story. These wind mills are one of the most typical features of the Castilian countryside.

This first part of the route included Toledo itself with its old buildings and stony streets.

Leaving Toledo the traveller can visit the town of Nambroca and the Castle of Almonacid. From here we can take the route towards La Guardia and Lillo, and visit the many small lakes around the area, like those of Longar and Altillos.

If you take the southern route we can follow the path to the Castle of Peñas Negras in Mora, and continue to Tembleque with its wonderful main square.

From the Hotel Carlos V in the centre of Toledo you will be able to follow this route and enjoy the wonderful life of the city.

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