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Locales para degustar la perdiz a la toledana

By | 28 October, 2011 | 0 comments

Leaving Toledo without trying its best known dish, stewed partridge, could be seen as an insult to the sense of hospitality of this wonderful city, called the city of the three cultures.

The sport of hunting became very popular in this area a long time ago and this is the reason why partridge became one of the most exquisite dishes.

Currently stewed partridge, also called partridge Toledo style (perdiz a la Toledana), has become even more famous locally and nationally with many tourists just coming to this area to try this delicacy.

Near the Cathedral there are several restaurants and eateries where we can try this wonderful stew. In Calle Hombre de Palo there are three places that are good reference points for this dish and who compete for the quality of their partridges: La Tarasca, Restaurante Adolfo and Casa Aurelio.

In Calle Navalpino, 1, you will find Restaurante La Cava, another typical eatery to enjoy a good partridge, as well as Restaurante el Pórtico in Avenida de América.

Remember as well that our hotel, Carlos V, has a great dining room in the Mudejar Restaurant, where you will be able to enjoy this dish as well as other typical dishes from Toledo.

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