The King of Hotels in Toledo

Those travellers who wish to find the hidden treasures of Castilla La Mancha should start their journey in Toledo, the capital of the region.

Walking around this imperial city discovering the three cultures that contributed to its history, Muslim, Christian and Jewish, is like building up a puzzle; all the different parts come together to give us the picture of the city.

In this stately city, all the hotels in Toledo have very high standards , so our stay will always be pleasurable, relaxed and we will surely be able to have a good rest.

Among all the hotels in Toledo, it is Hotel Carlos V the one that stands out by its own right. This hotel is located in the old town, where tradition and modernity walk hand in hand to offer the traveller comfortable and convenient accommodation with many of those little details that make life easier.

Staying overnight in Hotel Carlos V is a unique experience, it is two steps away from the Palace, the Alcazar, the Cathedral and very close to the Museum of Santa Cruz. This hotel is the best place to start the exploration of this city, which was declared World Heritage by UNESCO and considered one of the treasures of humanity.

Sleeping and eating breakfast in Hotel Carlos V is like taking a trip through time. We can easily imagine ourselves back in the Middle Ages, those times of feudal lords and knights, of castles and fortresses. Toledo exhales that charm, that magic of the past, and the hotels in Toledo succeed in keeping up with atmosphere, especially the Hotel Carlos V.